MDaS Related Courses

For the purposes of the MDaS Scholarship program, the following courses are considered related to topics in data science and data analytics.  If an MDaS student identifies other potential courses, then the student can petition the course to be added to this list.  Please note that many of these courses may have pre-requisites.

  • Any of the courses in the Data Analytics Minor
  • Any course designated within the DASC core
  • Any of the Following Courses Not Already Listed Above
INEG 2214   Computing Methods for Industrial Engineers I
INEG 2223   Computing Methods for Industrial Engineers II
INEG 3613   Introduction to Operations Research
INEG 3623   INEG 3623. Simulation. 3 Hours.
CSCE 3213   Cluster Computing
CSCE 4123   Programming Challenges
CSCE 4523   Database Management Systems
STAT 4013   Statistical Forecasting and Prediction
STAT 4023   Bayesian Methods
STAT 4033   Nonparametric Statistical Methods
STAT 4043   Sampling Techniques
STAT 4101L   Introduction to R
MATH 3083   Linear Algebra
MATH 4343   Introduction to Scientific Computing
MATH 4353   Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 4363   Numerical Analysis
ISYS 3393   Business Application Development Fundamentals
ISYS 4283   Business Database Systems
ISYS 4373   Application Development with Java
BMEG 4523   Biomedical Data and Image Analysis
GEOS 3543   Geospatial Applications and Information Science
GEOS 3553   Spatial Analysis Using ArcGIS
GEOS 3563   Geospatial Data Mining
GEOS 3593   Introduction to Geodatabases
GEOS 4263   Geospatial Data Science - Sources and Characteristics
GEOS 4653   GIS Analysis and Modeling